About Us

About Us

About Mushtaha and Hasouna Co.   

Since its founding in1980, M&H Co. has become one of the nation’s most experienced and respected general construction contractors.  The company’s roots extend to the thirties of the last century when it executed many landmark and recognized projects in Gaza that still stand witnessing the originality of this company.

The company’s wide spectrum of contracting activities has enabled it to build a strong track record with diversified and well-established client base. Its reputation of rendering fast, efficient and superior service to its client enabled it to create strong name recognition.

Supporting the construction needs of community, government and private sector, M&H co. became one of the leading general construction contracting companies in the nation, developing a long-lasting reputation for innovative thinking, outstanding performance and superior results.



With leadership and quality the benchmark of success, M&H Co. will be a company that constantly strives to satisfy its clients and stakeholders by aggressively challenging the present in order to create the future.



To Clients: Provide construction services, which offer value, quality supported by the superior service and competitive prices.

To Employees: Provide all employees with good working conditions and competitive terms of services

To Society: Conduct business as responsible corporate members of society, to give proper regard to health, safety and the environment.


Why Mushtaha & Hassouna Co. LTD?

Financial Security: $10,000,000 invested capital.

Experience of Management: Both technical and administrative.

Projects Executed: On time within budget.

Specialization: Diverse specializations in the construction field.

Customer Services: Maintaining lasting relations with clients.

Competitive Prices: Collective and varied. experience in allocating economic sources for different items.

Equipment: Largest local fleet.



M&H Co. is a well-established organization based on two main foundations namely – teamwork and quality work. The company is known for its efficiency and credibility, but above all, it has been acclaimed for its unwavering commitment to its staff, its clients and its services.

Financial Stability:

One of the M&H Co. valuable assets is its financial strength and stability, which has been built over a period of 33 years of development. Financial strength has proven to be an advantage, enabling M&H Co. to provide its clients with some significant benefits.
The company’s clients have a high level of confidence in its ability to meet their construction requirements. This is true for projects of all sizes- from several thousand dollars to several million. M&H Co. financial strength enables us to undertake projects anywhere in Palestine.




We are proud of what we have achieved particularly during the last decade when we obtained a steady growth in record of sales despite of the fluctuation and instability in the economic situation.

We are continuing our efforts to improve our technical capabilities through following up new developments, technologies and training.

We base our professionalism on the principles of time-honored traditions, of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our generations of experience in the building industry assure our clients matching their expectations and needs.
M&H Co. continues to be credible and reliable company providing a high quality services and a good yield on investment.  Our most precious asset is our staff and the close relationship between members that exists in our company.

Safwat Mushtaha

General Manager




Our success is attributable to several factors: We possess a wide-range of equipment, enabling us the flexibility to respond immediately and effectively to any situation and any location. We have wide-range /an expansive experience in many areas in the construction industry.

During the past decades M&H distinguished construction achievements were the Citrus plant,Taha Hussain street, Police housing project and the Bank of Palestine Center Building, we have utilized our experience to come with the outstanding performance and superior quality/results.

I believe that our company’s technical strength and management staff and systems are all able to cope with challenges of the future.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our management and staff for their remarkable diligence and productivity which led us to this position in the market

Rafiq Hassouna

Technical Manager



 Distinguished Clients:

M&H Co. maintains excellent relationships with clients, it has proven that everyone can come away from a project feeling good about themselves and the end product. A large percentage of our work is for repeat customers. Most of our clients have chosen us for new projects based on the superior services they have experienced with us.

Commitment to Community:
Realizing the importance of the community in which we live and work, the company is active in the community and gives back as much as possible to the community by being active in local organizations and sponsorships.  The company sponsors football teams, charity events, orphan care programs, Ramadan social activities, and many more….


We are classified in the Palestinian Contractors Union (PCU) as General Contractor Company with membership No. 4 / G in the following categories:

Roads: First (A)
Buildings: First (A)
Water and Sewerage:  First
Electro-mechanic: First