STLV – Package 2: Flow Transfer Main (Carrier Line) Rehabilitation, Extension and Connections

Finance EU
Design Universal Group
Supervision CMWU
Duration 7 Months
Company's Status Main Contractor

Short-Term Low Volume (STLV) Sea Water Desalination Plant Project for Southern Governorates of Gaza Strip 
Package 2: Flow Transfer Main (Carrier Line) Rehabilitation, Extension and Connections
Project # : LRPS-SMU-2013-9108742
Owner: Palestinian Water Authority (PWA)
Operator: CMWU Coastal Municipalities Water Utility مصلحة مياه بلديات الساحل
Donor: European Union (EU)
Implementing Agency: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)Unicef State of Palestine
Design & Assurance Consultant: Universal Group / Artelia JV
Project Duration: 5 February 2014 to 2 September 2014

Scope of Works

The Works under this Contract is a part of the overall Short Term-Low Volume (STLV) Sea Water Desalination Plant for Southern Governorates of Gaza Strip project. The works under this contract is referred to as Package 2: Flow Transfer Main (Main carrier line) Rehabilitation, Extension and Connections.

The general scope of works involves the rehabilitation of an existing pipeline and installation of new section of the pipeline to transfer desalinated water from the new desalination plant at the end of Deir Al Balah governorate to blending/service reservoirs in Tal Al Sultan in the Rafah governorate and Al Amal in the Khan Younis Governorate.

Key activities under this package will include the following:

1)      Mobilization and demobilisation of all equipment, materials and man power required to complete the Works.

2)      Construction of temporary site offices and provision of all necessary furniture and other office equipment reasonably required for the completion of the Works. The temporary site office shall include space for the Authorised and Designated Representatives for supervision and inspection purposes.

3)      All necessary temporary works required to provide access to the site, secure storage of materials and to facilitate construction in a safe manner.

4)      All necessary works for the preparation of the trenches including excavations, shoring, shuttering and dewatering, bedding, backfilling and compaction where required.

5)      All necessary works, including the supply of materials, to facilitate the pipe transportation, handling, storage, laying and installation.

6)      All necessary works involved with the fittings, valves, accessories and manholes installation.

7)      All necessary works for rehabilitation and connection including jointing, cutting, welding and protection

8)      All necessary works for the road reinstatement including subgrade, base course and final surface layers

9)      All necessary work associated with the supply of reports, plans, sampling and testing, drawings and disinfections

10)  Provision of a sign for the site in accordance with instructions issued by UNICEF and in Contract with the community.

11)   Reinstatement and Landscaping of the site.

12)  Fencing as required.